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Reactron- We build brand awareness by adding human values

We-build-brand awareness-by-adding -human -values

Brand awareness is always one of the priorities that is built by a company from the beginning of development. In general, brand awareness is the concept that customers can recall or recognize a brand under different conditions. What comes to mind when you think of Reactron? A reliable technology partner? An enthusiastic and passionate tech […]

When Teamwork Makes Our Dream Work


A lot of people are not only seeking a job but a career and a sense of belonging. This might entail career advancement opportunities, or developing a community within the company. Let us share today’s article, drawn from real values and experiences from Reactron Technologies Ltd. At Reactron, we have a truly engaged team as […]

Reactron Technologies Oy received Tempo Fund from Business Finland

Qaraton | Reactron Technologies Oy received Tempo Fund from Business Finland

2020 was one of the most exciting times for Reactron as the company wrapped up the kick-off meeting with Business Finland’s representative to finalize all the practicalities related to Tempo Fund. Being a young startup, the company has been granted a variety of opportunities with this funding, especially during the pandemic situation.