Enable Market Expansion With Stripe Integration And Geofencing

Tech stack mentioned: React Native, Firebase runs on Nodejs (Backend), OneSignal, Stripe, Paytrail

  • React Native – A cross-platform framework used for building the application
  • Firebase – A database that is used for collecting user and application data
  • NodeJS – A Javascript-based backend framework. The database runs on the NodeJS backend application.
  • OneSignal – Marketing tool for push notifications
  • Paytrail, Stripe – Payment platforms
Canit case study

Imagine a world where you never have to worry about touching dirty cans, bottles or filling up your car with gas. You may forget about the line in front of the deposit machine at the supermarket, with people inserting their glass bottles, plastic bottles or beer crates before a receipt is printed so they can get their money back at the checkout. There is also no need to locate a recycling center and then drive back (sometimes hours) to return them. In order to make it simple,  Canit is a new way to collect and return empty refundable cans and bottles.

Canit was released in June 2019 and was developed by Finnish Reinto Oy. Canit’s mobile application allows you to collect and return containers from the comfort of your own home. As of 2020, over 40 countries in the world have introduced bottle deposit systems. In fact, European Union legislation forces all countries in this region to have a  recycling deposit system by 2025, that can make a real impact on the environment. It can be seen that many potential markets are waiting for Canit. They can be seen as a great choice of a fair playground for both humans and the environment, both now and in the future.

Canit before choosing Reactron and how are problems solved?

Payment systems

Canit has been in Finland before reaching two new potential markets, the US and Germany, intending to expand the business. However, this is also when Canit realized the challenges they face with their mobile application for these two new markets. Canit has been using Paytrail as the payment platform in Finland but Canit needed more scalable system so they chose to integrate Stripe.
Reactron implemented the integration of Stripe as a solution for Canit’s payment systems because of its simplicity, reliability, ease of integration, and low chargeback rates. With Reactron’s highly specialized professional team, how is this challenge solved? Confidently saying that Reactron had some valuable previous experience working with Stripe and therefore, we were well suited for the task. In general, Reactron’s solution has helped Canit simplify and partly automate its payment processes. That saves time, and money, as well as improves Canit’s overall customer satisfaction levels.

Matching Buyers & Sellers

Canit can be used in all areas, but it does have some challenges when it comes to rural areas. This is because there might not be enough people in these areas for the app to be able to find a match.
Reactron has implemented the Geofencing feature for Canit’s mobile application as the best way to help them optimize services in three markets: Finland, Germany and the US. In short, Geofencing is location-based technology that uses a mobile device’s proximity to a particular area to determine where that device is located. For example, if a user is near a particular location, geofencing can alert the user to a special offer or discount that may be available at the location. The solution was to do geofencing and determining areas where the service is available. It improves the overall experience for both sellers and buyers since the parties can be more easily matched. Reactron has created these areas based on customer demands and the feature has been working nicely. Having this information readily available to users helps create a more seamless experience for everyone involved.

Localisation for new markets:

Different markets have varying legal obligations, cultural differences, currencies, and languages. Canit has launched in Michigan- the US, as well as in Germany, which means the application needs to meet the local requirements. Reactron has a strong understanding of the requirements for Canit in different markets. The company has made the necessary software changes to Canit in order to launch the application in new markets. This has allowed Canit to successfully enter new markets and expand its reach, which has in turn led to increased sales and profitability.

Push notification for marketing purposes:

We improved the OneSignal integration to ensure that push notifications work nicely and support user engagement. Our partner- Canit wanted to utilize push notifications to make their app user-friendly. This way, Canit can keep its users apprised of the latest news and promotions and improve their overall experience.

Results & Feedback from Canit:

Reactron technologies Ltd provided a solution that helped Canit reduce its environmental impact and become more sustainable. By partnering and implementing Reactron’s innovative technologies, Canit was able to make a positive difference in the community. In other words, Reactron has been able to maximize Canit’s satisfaction by providing the right and sufficient solutions to improve Canit’s mobile application. With a win-win method, Canit has made outstanding changes that we – Reactron believe will be a sustainable premise for the two sides to cooperate and develop in upcoming projects.

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