Nowadays, the top 8 of deskless industries employ 2.7 billion people globally. In other words, three out of four people in the workforce consist of frontline workers. The rapid advancement of technology requires those industries to adopt new tech varying in levels of difficulty.

Cleverday realized an emerging need of easily accessible work instructions and documentation out in the field. Their goal is to provide the frontline workers a beneficial instructional platform that they can adopt easily.

With the help of the application, the employees can learn how to assemble products via videos and images attached as a guidance. The employer can also receive feedback to improve the content and has access to the analytics to monitor the team management.

For the Cleverday case, Reactron has built a whole SAAS system from A -> Z. The specific stacks that Reactron has used:

  • Mobile application: React Native
  • Web portal: React, Recharts and NextJs
  • Backend: NodeJs, DynamoDb, Amazon Athena, AWS Cognito, Stripe and AWS S3 for storing files
Cleverday Oy

The Challenge

As the app contains lots of images and videos, the first challenge was how to deliver a cost-efficient, yet smoothly functional software solution. For example, the uploading and downloading video process could be a huge issue with a non-reliable network, for example, cellular. Another challenge was how to ensure the app’s stability and functionality when there is no Internet connection available.

In addition, the app requires continuous changes in the analytics, therefore, we needed to come up with an appropriate solution to handle those frequent changes illustratively.

Cleverday’s clientele consists of companies in different sizes. While big corporations require traditional invoicing payment methods with long payment terms, small to medium companies prefer card-based payment. Supporting both payment methods was a challenge as one can be done manually but the other can be automated. Hence, Reactron needed to create a solution that could fit in with their requirements .

Our Solutions

For the first challenge, Reactron separated the multimedia content into smaller files for easy uploads and downloads. Additionally, we used a common identifier to refer to the media files which have been already uploaded and the ones which have not been uploaded and stored on the phone. It ensures the app’s functionality in case there is no Internet connection.

Regarding analytics, Reactron used Recharts – a simple but composable, reliable and powerful chart library for visualizing the data. We also used Amazon Athena to proceed and index the usage data in order to visualize the charts.

In terms of payment, Reactron used Stripe as the default payment processor which can help facilitate credit card payments. Besides, we designed an abstraction layer to support both payment methods and an admin dashboard for Cleverday admin to approve invoice payment and grant the premium access to invoicing customers.

Our Achievements

Flexible payment plan: Reactron created a payment solution that pleases customers of different sizes. It fulfills one of Cleverday’s missions – to have the app to suit businesses of all sizes.
Automatic deployment: Reactron has successfully built a well-designed back-end infrastructure that automates the deployment process. It reduces errors, waiting time and increases productivity. Overall, Cleverday received a cost-efficient, fast and precise solution for their back-end development.
Sensible recommendations: Reactron has monitored the cost and made recommendations to Cleverday. The client will be alerted when there is a change in the cost so that they will react immediately to the situation. It ensures that our client gets the most affordable price for their server and enables them to manage their budget better.

About Cleverday

Cleverday is an easy-to-use mobile application that allows you to create paperless how-to instructions. The solutions help companies to provide up-to-date training material and instructions to its employees and stakeholders, all in electronic form. The whole application and its database is hosted on a cloud server. In addition, Cleverday also provides video production services on the spot and helps its customers to create easy-to-use quick guides to use. Cleverday supports its customers in every step of the process to ensure maximal benefit to the users.

The solution has already helped numerous companies to achieve savings and make sure that the instructions are always available. It also helps the user company to improve the content through the feedback and monitoring functions of the platform.

Realizing the huge opportunity for empowering the workers with new tech solutions, when 80% of the global workforce is still deskless, Cleverday wants to make an application that suits businesses of all sizes. It comes with different tiers of subscriptions, all of which offer an increasing number of functionalities and properties as you go up the tier list.

Cleverday aims to give companies a tool to assist their frontline employees in daily operations and training sections. Their ambition is to create a positive impact on employee and customer satisfaction, training efficiency and time spending around the world.

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