Kun 9-5 on meidän happy hour


We all know the saying, ”When the work day is done, it’s time to play.” But what happens when your work day is your happy hour?

Starting from the meaning

Happy hour is a time-honored tradition after working that originated back in the 18th century. Nowadays happy hour is considered a luxury and an act of relaxation to loosen your tie and relax. The question is, why don’t we apply it in the workplace?

A positive working environment itself

We all know that the source of happiness at work must come from our passion for work. But a positive work environment that promotes employee safety, growth, and achievement of goals is also of importance. At Reactron, we feel this kind of working environment is most conducive because it encourages everyone to work to their fullest potential. An environment like this can help employees be successful and happy both personally, and professionally.

For Reactron, it’s the team members who are contributing efforts to build and enable our success story. Hence creating a working environment where members can still enjoy their own lives and maintain a good attitude towards work with consistency is what we want.

Kun 9-5 on meidän happy hour












From an adapted working environment to a preferred culture

One thing that has been noticed after the pandemic passed is how companies manage their work processes, many individuals and organizations have turned remote working into the new way of working in the present time. For Reactron, we see it as an adaptation and flexibility to bring maximum comfort to employees and also a way for them to develop autonomy in their work process. Quality of work and communication were never an issue even when we were in different places.

The proactiveness of Reactron’s team members carries the benefit of building trust and sincere feedback towards the best results. We have faith in each other from every aspect of our work regardless of job position.

It is the self-consciousness of each individual that makes Reactron’s company culture where work well-being and work-life balance are always prioritized.

Kun 9-5 on meidän happy hour












“We get more Things than just free lunches and other employee benefits” 

– A very happy Reactronian.


With Reactron, the deeper meaning of benefits such as lunch, sports, and other activities is not simply providing free things to employees. The purpose of belonging is exactly what we aim for, especially when Reactron is growing significantly in terms of both the company itself and the number of team members. As the team grows, we realized that finding solutions to connect members was just as important as all technology projects we were working on. 

We all know that culture is built by the collective, but how can a collective be solid without a sense of belonging? Any efforts to achieve work efficiency or to integrate into a team are all highly valued by Reactron. 


You are who you surround yourself with


Kun 9-5 on meidän happy hour


                                                                      Reactron team dinner, Agust 2022

At the end of the day, besides respecting the common values of the community, what we realize is respecting the differences in personality and lifestyle of each individual. Everything can come from small things like attending internal events, having lunch/dinner together, or going on a company trip. That’s how we build a core culture where material values and people can get along.

By having common visions and resonating with individual respect for each other, we are inspiring each other every day.



Make the workplace become a lab of innovative ideas

Attached to the goal from the first day of establishment. Reactron aims to offer the most advanced and outstanding technology solutions to our partners. We are also doing the same thing with our team. Our team can choose to work from home or our fully equipped office in aGrid depending on what suits them the best. 

Kun 9-5 on meidän happy hour
                                   Source: agrid.fi


Moreover, customized support, additional courses, and internal training are provided to all team members to enable continuous personal development.

We want that the nature of work itself and the workplace is ideal for everyone to reveal their full potential. It doesn’t matter if you are about to become a Reactronian or simply want to know more about us, let the Reactron team get closer to you, whether as a client or as a team partner.