One fits all – Office App

One fits all – Office App



Behind the scene

“ONE FITS ALL” – Co-made the almost impossible possible

Before you continue reading this company case, we would like you to take a look at your Twitter account. If you do not have one, we recommend you create it now (Twitter is pretty cool, and it is also free!). Which device are you currently using to open Twitter? Is it an Apple product? A Mac? Or a Window? Whatever the answer is, Twitter is certainly functioning perfectly fine on all of your devices. This is one of the attributions to Twitter’s popularity. Aiming to replicate the same success story, our esteemed partner – Steerpath Ltd. was looking for a cross-platform application that works for all Android, iOS, and Web while ensuring a stable experience across different platforms. This would have been an ordinary anecdote if time and resources were on their side, but…

Project Highlights

  • Helped to create a cross-platform application that works across Android, iOS, and Web, incorporating existing SDK with React Native
  • Met the deadline in less than 3 months
  • Understood the urgent needs and requirements of the partner, thus helped to create a product that is not only cost-efficient but also long-term warrantied.

The Challenge

In order to create a neat and properly functional app that works across all platforms like Twitter, it takes a great deal of time to finish and refine the final product. However, Steerpath needed the app in less than 3 months, and that was when Reactron Technologies jumped in.


Taking a step further from Steerpath’s initial plan for creating SmartSDK to homogenize the platform APIs, Reactron Technologies has helped to realize the approach of using React Native and build a universal app that is both cross-platform functional and sustainable. We worked alongside the in-house team from start to finish.

Why React Native?

• React Native can run on various platforms, including the Web. In fact, React Native for Web allows a single code base to be compiled to unlimited targets, consisting of Desktop Web, Desktop app with Electron, Mobile iOS, mobile iPad, macOS with Catalyst project, Android mobile, and even Android tablet.

• With its versatile function in cross-platform, React Native is the final piece to solve the puzzle of cost-cutting.

• Compared to Xamarin, Flutter, and Ionic, React Native has the most mature cross-platform backing support of Amazon, Facebook, and even Microsoft, indicating future-proof sustainability of the final product.

“Working with the Reactron team was a very positive experience. The team was earnest, hard-working, and diligent. They worked on everything from packaging our native SDK and npm packages to creating user interfaces and improving our overall architecture. Whenever your company needs to speed up your React Native development with true expert-level help, Reactron will not disappoint.”

Mikko Virkkilä

CTO of Steerpath Ltd.


After careful consultation with Steerpath, together with an agile working process and expertise in React Native, Reactron Technologies helped to deliver a cross-platform app that runs smoothly on both iOS and Android, while it can also be a responsive web app on mobile and desktop. We were happy to help our partner accomplish their mission on time, and even more ecstatic to know that they were pleased with the result. 

Steerpath and Reactron have managed to replicate the same functionality of the successful Twitter, and this is only the beginning of our other future success stories.

About Steerpath

Steerpath Ltd. is a Finnish company providing professional indoor maps, navigation, and positioning technology to mobile application vendors. Easy to integrate, Steerpath navigation and positioning solution allow customers to add value to their applications through the use of guidance, search, and contextually relevant information. Their seamless and accurate indoor navigation and positioning solution can now be brought to any environment and for all users. Learn more about Steerpath’s products by visiting

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