Reactron’s Continuous Software Services

The process of keeping your product up-to-date and optimized, so you can reach the maximum potential of your business.
Tech stack: JavaScript (NextJS, NodeJS), TypeScript, React Native, React, AWS, CI/CD

Corrective software maintenance

We can help you fix bugs or any errors as they are detected.

Preventative software maintenance
We will help make changes, adaptations and upgrades (i.e. create integrations or APIs to other software) to help you avoid potential future problems and make your software easier to scale and manage over time.

Upgrading the application
We build new features, update content, release new versions of the app or remove some ineffective ones according to your needs and the users’ feedback.

Adaptive software maintenance
Focus on adjusting the software to changes in its operating environment and company policies or regulatory requirements. We can help you create and implement a further development plan.

Why outsource maintenance services?

Productivity Optimization, Enhance Efficiency and Scalability

Partnering with an IT services provider- Reactron can help you more than save time and money. By outsourcing our maintenance support services, you can ensure against vulnerabilities and scale up your business confidently. 

Reduce Costs and Lower Risks

Reactron has the resources to handle multiple projects at once and we can address any unforeseen issues that may arise. You can rely on us to ensure that your software is properly secured against these vulnerabilities.

Custom services fit your needs

We not only offer a wide range of services, from planning, consulting to deployment and maintenance. We also provide custom services that fit your best needs. We have the resources you need to achieve your long-term goals.

Dedicated Support

The Reactron support team remains with any assistance you may be experiencing. Whether with troubleshooting an issue or having questions about services. We’re always here to help and serve you the best!

Long-term partnership

We grow by lifting others! There will be no “nonsense” or hidden costs. Our goal is to focus on the relevant things that help you succeed. By understanding your business objectives, we can make it grow in the best possible way.

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