A sustainable partnership that provides the best expertise and service to the end customer

Vincit case study

To ensure success you do not only need great opportunities, you also need a great team and cooperation. It has been an honor for Reactron to be a Vincit partner since June 2021.
By working together, Reactron and Vincit can ensure that both always deliver the best expertise and services to end customers. The partnership will help us communicate and collaborate more effectively, accelerating the growth of both companies in many projects ahead.

About Reactron:
Reactron was founded in 2019 with the vision of providing innovative and precise technology solutions to customers. With a team of highly appreciated professional experience, we help several businesses with their IT needs, from planning and implementation to support and maintenance. We offer a complete suite of IT services that can be customized to meet the specific needs of our clients.


Reactron & Vincit partnership


How collaboration works & projects:
Vincit’s growth has been strong and therefore there is an increasing demand for qualified experts in digital business and software development. The partnership has been a part of Vincit’s growth by scaling the available talent pool and enabling the matching of the right experts to the right needs. Reactron has been providing React/JS consultants for Vincit throughout the collaboration. At the moment, Reactron has consultants working for an international high-tech company and a project they really love. In addition, Reactron and Vincit have a joint DevOps maintenance and small development account.

“Reactron is a small and agile company with high requirements for its chosen focused field of competencies, especially frontend development. The team shares a passionate mindset and philosophy pretty much in line with the one of Vincit which has made it easy to take Reactron close. We are happy to provide interesting opportunities to Reactron’s experts and use their expertise for our customers’ needs.”– Toni Mikkola,  Partner Executive, Vincit Oyj

“Vincit really respects their partners and the collaboration is transparent. Our team feels at home while working on Vincit’s projects. We are also very grateful for the professional education opportunities that Vincit is providing even for external members. Both I and my colleagues have enjoyed working together with Vincit and we look forward to deepening the collaboration further in the future.” Markus Holmström, CEO Reactron Technologies Ltd.

The communication has been proactive from both sides. All offers and project opportunities have been solved quickly with efficient cooperation. Open and honest communication also led us to a place where we could find a mutually beneficial arrangement, even with some less normal/frequent project requests. This has been a great help in building a strong working relationship.

Moreover, Reactron shares the same high criteria for consultants as Vincit, making it easy for Vincit to present Reactron’s candidates for assignments. Reactron’s high standards ensure that only the most qualified and experienced consultants are put forward for each role, giving Vincit the peace of mind that their clients will get the best possible service.

Both Vincit and Reactron prioritize taking care of the team and promoting diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. This shared focus on creating a positive and supportive work environment has led to a strong relationship between the two companies.

Shared advantages during the cooperation:

From  Reactron’s perspective, the partnership is really valuable to Reactron as it helps the company get interesting projects for team members from valuable end customers.

This partnership is also a bridge to bring Reactron further to the market to meet more customers. The experts will have access to a wider range of projects with increasing chances of landing an interesting project. Experts will also be able to work with a variety of people, which will broaden their experience and skills.

In turn, Vincit has the flexibility to offer more services to its customers, even when all the vincitizens are fully booked at that time. By using partnerships, Vincit has increased the chances of getting knowledge specific to a project even with tight schedules. This allows Vincit to focus on other aspects of the business while still providing a high level of customer service.

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