Innovation voucher EN

Innovation voucher

Develop your technology strategy, build an MVP, and test your software solutions with our expertise in software development

You can get €5000 worth of consulting services, paid by Business Finland.

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The application period starts 1st of August.

Innovation Voucher is a 5000 EUR funding program provided by Business Finland to help SMEs with a new product or service with international growth potential. It is the perfect instrument for companies that lack resources or the special expertise required to turn their business idea into reality.

Why Should You Use It?

We Tailor Our Services To Fit Your Needs

Depending on what you want to focus on, we will help you decode your issues and move forward with your business goals.

Analysis of your idea software

Technology strategy

Analysis of your idea software

MVP Development

Present to your product to investors and increae your chances of getting funded.

Testing your product

Pinpoint the key problems, test your assumptions, validate market demand and improve your product.

Budget and timeline

An estimation of what’s needed to make a complate software in case you’d like to bring it into production.


Optional – Assistance in applying for additional funding, such as Tempo or R&D.

Use Any Of Our Expertise

Who Can Use The Innovation Voucher?

According to Business Finland, the Innovation Voucher can be used when the company has a new product or service idea with international potential, and:

Innovation voucher EN

“Reactron is a small and agile company with high requirements for its chosen focused field of competencies, especially frontend development. The team shares a passionate mindset and philosophy pretty much in line with the one of Vincit which has made it easy to take Reactron close. We are happy to provide interesting opportunities to Reactron’s experts and use their expertise for our customers’ needs.”

Toni Mikkola
Partner Executive at Vincit Oyj

Innovation voucher EN

“We got to know Reactron through their Innovation Voucher services, which enabled us to grow significantly faster because they provided us with the technical knowledge that we didn’t have. Reactron built a software prototype for our smart robot using React Native, which is a technology that they’re exceptionally good at. We’re glad to have them at the start of our journey because it helped us validate our ideas, test our robot, and solidify the foundation for our future robots.”

Keija Jin
Co-founder at Superflash

Innovation voucher EN

“The team was flexible, patient, and meticulous. From our requirements, they even advised a more efficient solution, and they even delivered an additional bonus feature which made our solution more robust and reliable.”

Co-Founder at True Diamonds

Innovation voucher EN

“Working with the Reactron team was a very positive experience. The team was earnest, hard-working, and diligent. They worked on everything from packaging our native SDK and npm packages to creating user interfaces and improving our overall architecture. Whenever your company needs to speed up your React Native development with true expert-level help, Reactron will not disappoint.”

CTO at Steerpath

Innovation voucher EN

The Reactron team is a great long-term partner. They apply their expertise well and always advise the most efficient solution. Even when we need ad-hoc requirements, it was a breeze for them.”