We are all Human in Tech- An equity working culture.

We are all Human in Tech- An equity working culture.

“Women in tech” have become a new trend that marks society’s recognition of women in a male-dominated field. In fact, “Women in tech” is a community that supports women and promotes inclusion, diversity, and equity. Thanks to that, nowadays, we can see society and technology are built richly and multi-dimensionally. But at the end of the day, aren’t we all human in technology?

Let’s hear the story of a female member of our software development team – Ms Janet Van, who has been an employee at Reactron since 2019. She shares her transition from studying business to technology and how it feels during her work. 

Technology is a new horizon for me.

Interviewer: Thank you, Janet, for being here today and sharing your story. How did things start with your career? What story led you to become a developer? How did things start with your job?

“When I was in school, I never thought I would pursue a career in tech since I didn’t feel interested in the computer science subject. I thought that technology and I will never be a match to each other. That’s why I chose to study Business at the beginning when I came to Finland. One day, I had a chance to study IT in my friend’s class. It was the class that changed my mind. The more I researched, the more I got interested in it. Then I applied for IT at Haaga-Helia and started everything from scratch in Helsinki. It was the best choice I have ever made, and I never regretted it.”

Also shared by Janet, her three years-journey with Reactron made her more confident in this decision. She proved her biggest strength as being able to adapt quickly to new techs and usually satisfies the client with the speed and quality of her service delivery. The more she works, the more she enjoys the progress as she continues to add value to her client’s success. Currently, she is approaching the position of a tech lead.

Janet Van Full Stack Developer Reactron Technologies Ltd

Become the first lady in the team.

Interviewer: It is known that you are the only female developer on the team as well as the first female member of the company since its inception. How do you feel about it?

Being the only female developer is never a big problem to me. On the contrary, I am happy to work with such a talented team. At Reactron, we are treated equally and friendly with each other.”- Janet happily explained.

Reactron always prioritizes equality in the working environment first. It’s not because we prioritise any individual of any kind, but equality comes from the respect that Reactron has for all team members. We hope to see more female team members joining us in the near future. 

What we want to emphasise here is unconditional equality. As a part of Reactron, regardless of gender, age, job position, etc., you will always be respected just the way you are.

Transparency is our equality.

Interviewer: It’s good to hear positive comments from you, Janet. What do you enjoy the most about working at Reactron?

An equity working culture- Reactron Technologies Ltd

“The first thing that comes to my mind is transparency when everything in Reactron’s operation is shared with every member, and everyone knows what others are doing. Secondly, I love how caring we are. I always have a chance to talk to my superiors about my professional growth plan. Then they will give me advice and support until I reach my goals. Last but not least, I do have fun when working with the team. Having meals together or going on company trips makes me feel connected and surrounded by my colleagues. Normally we participate in different projects and work remotely, hence it is an excellent way to keep inspiring and supporting each other.”

In order to create and maintain transparency, everyone has access to the same information. For Reactron, transparency is our equality. We value diversity and believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to succeed.

Not only for the internal team but also all kinds of partnerships, we are committed to being open and honest in all our dealings and will always strive to act in the best interests of our stakeholders. We believe that by being transparent, we can build trust and create an equal working environment where everyone will be comfortable working.

A message to potential colleagues

Interviewer: It’s good that we share the cultural values ​​of Reactron. There will be no-nonsense, and hidden spots are the things we are improving. That also plays a critical role in how Reactron makes services and works with customers. Most importantly, by having members who believe in these values, Reactron can provide a higher level of service and work more effectively as a team. Do you think the Reactron team will have more female colleagues when women are now entering this profession?

“For me, this is a time to break the stereotype”,- says Janet. 

“I would love to see more women in the Technology field to break the stereotype of family women. Both males and females contribute significantly to society’s development, and we can do that.”

Interviewer: Do you have a message to send to readers? Who knows, potential members will come to the Reactron team soon.

Janet Van Full Stack developer Reactron Technologies Ltd

“This is a sign to join us. If you’re looking for an opportunity to broaden your skill set and work with new technologies, Reactron is the perfect place for you. You’ll never be stuck in one stack forever – there are always opportunities to learn new things and improve your skills. And if you ever need help, you’ll always be able to get quick assistance. So don’t hesitate to apply – Reactron is a great place to work.”- Janet confirmed.

It’s a wrap

Through Janet’s story, we hope you have a more open view of Reactron’s insight culture. If you have any comments, don’t forget to let us know.

Moreover, please always check open positions from Reactron. You can leave your information by clicking Apply Now. We look forward to welcoming you as the next member of the team.